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Art and Wine: A Match Made in Heaven

Beginners Art Class and Wine Tasting

Downsview Vineyard have teamed up with our friend and local artist Jan Moffitt to run our first ever art and wine event on the Saturday 14th May 2022. Beginners (and all abilities!) are invited to join us for an art class combined with a free-flowing wine tasting at the vineyard.

The event runs from 2pm to 5pm and includes a two hour guided art class from the lovely Jan, who will teach us about learning to draw and sketch. Jan’s philosophy in her classes is emphasis on positivity, creativity and enjoyment of art, which we’d like to combine with our love of wine and nature.

There’s plenty of inspiration at the vineyard to draw whatever you fancy; we’ll start with still lifes of grapes, glasses, bottles and wine but you can feel free to get creative and wander the vines to draw inspiration. Alongside the art class, we’ll also introduce you to a range of wines to taste with a beginner’s guide to wine-tasting, which should help your creative juices flow!

This plans to be a fun and relaxed event and Katy and Jan look forward to welcoming you to the vineyard. The event runs from 2pm to 5pm and we provide sketching materials (please feel free to bring your own additional supplies, if you like) a glass of five different wines from Downsview, and some light nibbles along the way. If you have any queries please pop Katy a call on 01892 611 410.

Wine Tasting for Beginners:

  1. Anderida Sparkling White Wine 2015
  2. Bacchus Dry White Wine 2021
  3. Wealden Red Wine 2021
  4. Wealden Royale Sparkling Rose 2006
  5. B Honey Wine 2020

 Tickets will be sent via email, please select “Local Pickup” upon checkout. Thank you!

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